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I like Videogame music. I like it so much that I want to make fan music inspired by various games and upload it here! I hope you enjoy it! I'm going to this site since 2006. active since 2008. Personal: no religion, IQ= 124 (ego alert!), I game.


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MusicGamer-11's News

Posted by MusicGamer-11 - November 25th, 2013

So this post is for fans that are just here

I noticed a growth of fans which i appericiate, in fact, in just a few seconds

from 11 to 17 is weird but cool

So anyway this is still the welcome post

Welcome, you can listen my VideoGame Music by going to audio.
this year, is themed: horror.

Also want to see Playthroughs
Check out my youtube:
My name is MusicGamer-11. or Retom

Music for games is paused but hobby projects are going to be uploaded

Posted by MusicGamer-11 - March 15th, 2013

This is my welcome post and I will not be changing this.
Just as welcome for visitors.

Welcome, you can listen my VideoGame Music by going to audio.

this half year, is themed: horror.

so far: 5 horror soundtracks.

Game#1 I'm making music for. and these tracks are meant for.
Chase #2
Ambience and ambience 2

Also want to see Playthroughs

Check out my youtube:


My name is MusicGamer-11. And on the internet I use the short name of my full name on youtube i
don't use.
I use it on forums and such.

Posted by MusicGamer-11 - March 9th, 2013

Glad you're reading this.
I have no listeners, but I think no people listen vgm these days?
or I mean, it's less populair I think.

I make my own VGM, not remaking as many do
I hope you listen it.

Thank you! I would appreciate it!

you can listen my music in audio, above this, between news and favorites....

Posted by MusicGamer-11 - March 4th, 2013

I have no inspiration. music is not in production now, maybe you can help.
send in things of youtube or here on newgrounds. songs that I can make.

If you want to know what I make, simple, go to my music submissions up here at audio.

Posted by MusicGamer-11 - March 3rd, 2013

Mit mustard

Posted by MusicGamer-11 - February 28th, 2013

I make video game music......yes ,my own.

My newest two are:

A pyramid like styled song: Click here
A sort of chase music. click here

I hope you enjoy....!!!!

Posted by MusicGamer-11 - February 27th, 2013

That friend is avizura.

I have two new submissions.!

Go check them out!
one is a pyramid styled music.
and the other is just some sort of chase music!!


Posted by MusicGamer-11 - February 27th, 2013

I'm back and with music. NOOOOOOOOOOO

yes, I am.

please review! that's all



I ashould stop typing now

you see, I'm making typo's

Posted by MusicGamer-11 - June 29th, 2012

I've made something MINDBLOWING, according to a friend of mine.

Go check it out! It's the latest submission!

And the shoutout still remains on: http://avizura.newgrounds.com/

Posted by MusicGamer-11 - June 20th, 2012

So to be clear: I'm going to upload 8 bit music here but also normal videogame music.

But mostly 8-bit music. :P

If you have idea's, you can tell them!

Update: Because I am also a fan of orchestral music, I will upload some also. And now I've told that, I started working on something that's really, (in my opinion) MINDBLOWING!

Shoutout (that nobody reads) to http://avizura.newgrounds.com
When i get inspiration for a song, it's almost always because of his track(s)!
Check him out! He's a good friend of mine!!!!