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I like Videogame music. I like it so much that I want to make fan music inspired by various games and upload it here! I hope you enjoy it! I'm going to this site since 2006. active since 2008. Personal: no religion, IQ= 124 (ego alert!), I game.


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I changed my post name, I make VGM, VGM is underrated.

Posted by MusicGamer-11 - March 9th, 2013

Glad you're reading this.
I have no listeners, but I think no people listen vgm these days?
or I mean, it's less populair I think.

I make my own VGM, not remaking as many do
I hope you listen it.

Thank you! I would appreciate it!

you can listen my music in audio, above this, between news and favorites....

Comments (6)

Hey Quiet! Sometimes you should also create your own music!
But I will recommend! :D

I noticed you.

I see

Look at that, you got noticed.
If you're lucky I may even review your music!

Wow! I'll be very happy with that. I was actually pretty known before on newgrounds on an other account. But that account got suspended, because of copyright. so I started over here with my OWN vgm/.

hahahahaha WOW! that funny! I don't know how to react to this. cause now I think of it, this news post kinda looks like I am a useless kid etc. and you actually posted a picture with my username! I have to add you as fan, cause the art looks good!

anyway, thanks! (?)

no I hate it to be unnoticed when you had a account before this and you got viewed, so I tried this.

anyway, I actually asked for sharing and you actually did!
Really thanks!!

I changed my post name because I think it was whining :Pp

Hahaaa! And what a gift!
You can put it in profile ... Whatever!