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wow this is good, especially with the description, almost making it interactive or something.
great use of the description.

Ironclover responds:

its a music soundtrack, its not meant to be interactive. its suppose to be a storyline for my COH collection. Thanks though (:

I am glad to be the first to review, this is great! I'm really headbanging to this!

djahmusic responds:

Happy that you liked it ^_^

This sounds like being in a space station or a lab, or mental hospital.

It really sounds like those places.

I love the out of rythm sounds............if they are out of rythm :P

But, I like it! It has something weird!.

F4LL0UT responds:

Glad you like it. Indeed, it sounds more like some metallic or sterile environment, that's one of the reasons why I created an alternate version which fits more to the swampy organic surroundings in the game. And yeah, the BPM change frequently to make the listener feel more uneasy. ^^

sounds good!
looks like voices and trapped monsters in closets! lol

I also make tthis kind of soundtracks. but this sounds good, creative and better than mine. and the loop point is great, as mp3 I didn't notice the loop point,

F4LL0UT responds:

Thanks. Yeah, I didn't even really try making it perfectly loopable. I had to deliver the thing fast so I just reduced the amount of additional sounds in order to make the loop less noticeable. Thanks to the fucked up nature of the music itself it's not noticeable anyway. ^^

Piano play I can't do.
That's why this is good.

What I noticed is your username. It was highlighted that I once visited your page so I thought, maybe he was good so I checked this out and it's good!
well done!


BowserThedestructive responds:

I am getting better, if only I could write this by hand haha. sadly this isn't and wasn't the case but more of an accident from "MIDI" edit.

Since you make good music and have only 4 tracks, why not do all of them.

And I have to be honest. I laugh at this.


I like it, finally something different. luckily this isn't the weirdest I have heard on newgrounds. the weirdest is 2 people laughing corny and making fart sounds. not even music.

When are you making more music, I want more piano! but more of this is also appericiated!!!!!


Elephly responds:

Lol that's what I was thinking! It's hilarious! The intention wasn't even to make a good song with this one, I just thought it sounded funny.
And I probably won't have any music out for a while because I'm pretty busy with school right now and I'm no OcularNebula.

Wow, you use FL studio!? I remember my first Fl studio track......far far worse than this LOL. Not saying that this is worse. I think this is great.

And let me tell you this. I usually don't like techno music but sometimes I do and this belongs to sometimes.

WEll done!


Elephly responds:

Thanks man, that's nice of you to say, because I personally don't really like this lol...
I leave it up here for anyone who may though.

Cheese sticks indeed.


Fun fact: probably my shortest review ever.......

Elephly responds:

I'm not sure how to write a short reply while specifying that said reply is short, so maybe I'll just write a medium length one. :\
Thanks for the listen lol.

Piano and drums, what a great mix.

And it's amzing that you composed that piano track...... you are far far far far FAR better than me. I'm glad you responded on my news post and I checked out your account.

This is great!


Fun fact: Dutch people don't walk on clogs and live in windmills and eat cheese all the time and have tulips in every garden. I even dislike cheese. I hate it.
(lol nothing to do with this song, I'm just being random)

Elephly responds:

I like to jam to this song with a little improvisation whenever I warm up on piano now. It's really fun to play. Thanks for the listen, and yo I never even associated clogs with Dutch people before, didn't know it was a stereotype. I thought Japanese people wore clogs lol.

Hi there!

I just came across your username and I thought! oh yeah! gotta check him out again! (read below why. at p.s.)

anyway,, this song. I don't know the original, but this sounds awesome..... right from the beginning.

well done, great job.

P.s. I am someone you know, I think.

Maybe you can guess from my username, what my username means.
I also made remakes but now I make my own video game music.

the other account got cancelled. banned from uploading, I think of copyright.....

guess. :P


I follow you now :P :P

Ironclover responds:

This is an Original Menu Theme, I've been doing more Original Music the past year but I do remember you c:

I like Videogame music. I like it so much that I want to make fan music inspired by various games and upload it here! I hope you enjoy it! I'm going to this site since 2006. active since 2008. Personal: no religion, IQ= 124 (ego alert!), I game.


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