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great no words

wow this is good, especially with the description, almost making it interactive or something.
great use of the description.

Ironclover responds:

its a music soundtrack, its not meant to be interactive. its suppose to be a storyline for my COH collection. Thanks though (:

I am glad to be the first to review, this is great! I'm really headbanging to this!

djahmusic responds:

Happy that you liked it ^_^

At the beginning already something I noticed. The low bass sound.

This has a..........space feeling, or a lake. being at a lake would fit good.

Good job.

It sounds so GOOD!
You man, are a brilliant composer, like how it continues at 0:34

This sounds like being in a space station or a lab, or mental hospital.

It really sounds like those places.

I love the out of rythm sounds............if they are out of rythm :P

But, I like it! It has something weird!.

F4LL0UT responds:

Glad you like it. Indeed, it sounds more like some metallic or sterile environment, that's one of the reasons why I created an alternate version which fits more to the swampy organic surroundings in the game. And yeah, the BPM change frequently to make the listener feel more uneasy. ^^

I have so much to learn.

I also make this kind of soundtracks, this is really better.

how simple this sounds, it's not that simple I think it is.
you can hear the long note changing.

Great! Now I can know where I can get my inspiration.

sounds good!
looks like voices and trapped monsters in closets! lol

I also make tthis kind of soundtracks. but this sounds good, creative and better than mine. and the loop point is great, as mp3 I didn't notice the loop point,

F4LL0UT responds:

Thanks. Yeah, I didn't even really try making it perfectly loopable. I had to deliver the thing fast so I just reduced the amount of additional sounds in order to make the loop less noticeable. Thanks to the fucked up nature of the music itself it's not noticeable anyway. ^^

Piano play I can't do.
That's why this is good.

What I noticed is your username. It was highlighted that I once visited your page so I thought, maybe he was good so I checked this out and it's good!
well done!


BowserThedestructive responds:

I am getting better, if only I could write this by hand haha. sadly this isn't and wasn't the case but more of an accident from "MIDI" edit.

Listening to tthis. I'm already assuming you make more of this awesome music so I faved you and this song.

Well done!

I like Videogame music. I like it so much that I want to make fan music inspired by various games and upload it here! I hope you enjoy it! I'm going to this site since 2006. active since 2008. Personal: no religion, IQ= 124 (ego alert!), I game.


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